Professional Engineer Balance Lab, LLC

Testing & Balancing | Building Systems Commissioning | Sound & Vibration | Indoor Air Quality | Duct Leak Testing

PEBL is an NEBB certified firm specializing in professional testing and inspection of small to large scale commercial HVAC systems.  Centrally located in San Antonio, Texas, PEBL provides its professional services across the country.

PEBL currently has two Licensed Texas Professional Engineers, and all other project supervisors are degreed engineers working to achieve Licensure.  Because of this selectiveness, our team has the ability to truly understand a design engineer's intent for a building's systems.

In addition, PEBL has three supervisors certified by NEBB with the title of NEBB Certified Professional.  This certification is difficult to obtain and is only given to exceptional individuals who have proven themselves with years of experience.   

Established in 1978, PEBL has a long history of providing professional services for all types of buildings, including:

Hospitals | Operating Rooms | Military Facilities | Commercial Buildings

Retail Spaces | Restaurants | Universities & Schools | Services Industry

Warehouses | Hangars | Convention Centers

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